Sunshine Group was established in 2016, after increasing twice charter capital from 300 billion Viet Nam Dong to 3000 billion Viet Nam Dong, they take over mass- big projects and make a shocking to the market.

1. The technology sector

One of the strengths of Sunshine Group is a software developer for more than 20 years of experience. If you own an apartment of Sunshine Group, it will mean that you are using a perfect apartment with modern equipment which is used by applications and your time totally saved by this most advanced software. In the urban project of Sunshine Group, customers will be given a Smart Phone to monitor the progress of construction and the quality of apartment buildings and residents can also control and use all the smart utilities of apartments (smart parking, Face ID elevator system, air conditioning, lighting, roller blinds, …).

Besides that, residents can also pay electricity, water, and school fees by using the intelligent software application. In addition, customers can also understand each detail and layout in their apartments and residents not only know about the material of each interior in the apartment, residents can also look up prices, quality and change if needed.

2. The construction field

The Dot Property Awards 2019 is one of the types of awards which are requiring a lot of strict criteria for real estate, then Sunshine group has also been awarded the Best Luxury Housing in Vietnam 2018 with the Sunshine project. City Hanoi and the Vietnam Iconic Building Award 2018 with the Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay project.

3. The Commercial field

To improve the best living environment for customers, Sunshine Group promotes Vietnam’s leading international standard commercial center system right at the project. Sunshine Mart supermarket chain includes utility systems built and operated on the project campus with essential items to provide the needs of residents. Sunshine Mart system specializes in providing domestic and imported products, organic food, organic, …..

4. The study of education.

Sunshine Maple Bear is one of the first school systems in Vietnam who bought the Canadian Maple Bear English program. This program is researched by leading Canadian educational experts. Every student at Maple Bear is fully educated and special will be focused on developing the individual’s ability.

Famous Projects

Sunshine Golden River

Sunshine Crystal River

Sunshine Empire

Sunshine Wonder Villa

Sunshine Boulevard

Sunshine Center

Resort Real Estate Projects

Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay

Sunshine Diamond River

Sunshine Empire

Sunshine Marina Ha Long Bay

Sunshine Marina Hoi An

Sunshine Dragon Twins Tower